It is never easy to have to sell your home in Connecticut. Of course, you have probably already thought long and hard about your decision before even coming to our site. It could be that you are close to losing your home for financial reasons and want to sell. Perhaps, your home needs extensive repair work you do not want to deal with. Whatever the reason, it is important that you know that you are not alone. Freedom House Buyer is sympathetic to your needs. Below are the most common reasons people come to us for help.

1. Financial Problems

You may need to sell your home quickly if you are unable to pay a company back the money you owe them.

2. Divorce

The value of the house is typically split in half once a couple is divorced. Of course, you may be forced to sell the house if you cannot decide who will get to live in the house.

3. Extensive Repairs Need to Be Done

You may find it makes more sense to sell an inherited or damaged property rather than try to repair it. This will free you of the stress of trying to maintain the upkeep of the property.

4. Need to Leave the Area

You may have a job that starts immediately in another city outside of Connecticut or you may just be fed up with the state. Whatever the reason, people often have to sell their homes quickly when moving.

5. Pre-Foreclosure

If you are facing foreclosure proceedings, it is in your best interest to sell as soon as possible. This will keep you out of legal trouble. Learn more about how we help you get out of foreclosure here.

6. Tax Liens

If you have failed to pay back taxes that you owe, the government can put a lien on your property and has to right to cease it at any time. Selling the property transfers the lien to the buyer.  We help clients with property liens every day!

7. Inheritance

When you inherit a home along with a bunch of your siblings and other relatives, it is easiest to just sell the property and split the money rather than deal with the headache of who gets to use the home.

8. CT Loan Modification Denial

Perhaps, your mortgage payments are more than you can handle, and so, you sought to modify your loan and get a lower rate. If the modification was denied, your best route may be a sale.

9. Bad Tenants

A lot of times renting out a property in Connecticut is a lot tougher than it seems. But, did you know that you can sell a home with the tenants still in it and be rid of the mess?

10. Death of a Family Member

If your main bread winner dies, you may no longer be able to afford your home or you may not need a home of that size anymore.

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