Owning a house can a wonderful thing but sometimes something will happens that turns it into a nightmare. It may be loss of a job severe damage to the property, such as a fire or roof replacement. When such a thing occurs you may find no end in sight if there is no extra money immediately on hand.

This is where we, at Freedom House Buyers, can come to your rescue. Our business is purchasing houses in any condition. They may be in foreclosure, badly in need of repair, an inherited house you do not need, are in poor condition, or have some other type of cosmetic problem. We also purchase businesses regardless of size and in any condition.

When you call us you will have an inspection and, within 4 hours, have an offer for your property. The offer your receive will be better price d for you because we eliminate things such as realtor fees, title charges and all the other fees that are added when property is sold through a regular channel.

When you have made an arrangement with us, you don’t have to worry about cleaning up the yard, depositing the trash and so forth. All you have to do is pack your things and move; you do not need to even sweep the floor, which many find a great relief when the move must be made in hurry.

Conveniences include:

No contact with realtor

Bank or foreclosure taken care

No Open House

No Repairs or cleanup

Fast response to property sale

Complete understanding of terms

Courtesy at all times

Property comes in all conditions. It may be brand new or full of cobwebs and trash. If you are in a hurry to sell, we are ready to deal. Just give us a call for a quick response. We make these kinds of deals daily.

There are lots of property buyers on the market but you will never find one that will respond as quickly as we do or offers a quicker turn around on your property. We are very proud of our reputation on the property market.

If you have property ready to sell in a hurry, give us a call at 860-876-7653 or visit us at https://www.freedomhousebuyer.com/contact/ to see how quickly we can make an offer. This saves you time when you need to to make a quick move. You will be greeted courteously and receive an immediate response. We try to present you with the best deal possible on your property regardless of its condition.