Owning a property can be a great thing but sometimes things happen that make it necessary to sell your house, business, land or other possessions. This may be an illness, job loss or transfer, unable to make house payments and so forth.

Often, speed is of the utmost importance. In many parts of the country, this is not possible due to slow sales, required property repairs or other things. However, it is now possible to sell your house for cash quickly by contacting us at the number listed below.

Our Company

At Freedom Home Buyer, we are a real estate investment company in Connecticut that buys all types of property including those that are in poor repair. This may be a newly inherited property, property that is old and neglected or has other problems such as past due payments.

With more than ten years in the business, we are able to handle any complex real estate problems whether it involves commercial or residential properties. We understand that speed can be extremely important in many cases and are prepared to purchase your property and allows you to sell your home for cash.

We purchase your home, land or business regardless of condition, and are ready to take care of all sale details for you. This eliminates requirements in a regular home sale such as title search, home inspection, repairs, clean up, people traipsing through the property, waiting for a buyer or other real estate problems.

Benefits of Selling to Freedom Home Buyer

Anyone who is familiar with selling property knows the frustration of waiting for a buyer. Unfortunately, sometimes this can take months. Often problems such as mold or fire damage, code violations, leaking roof, peeling paint, tax liens and other such things are just too much for a seller to correct prior to selling.

When contacting us, an inspector will call with details and you will have an offer within 24 hours. We are ready to purchase your property “as is” and will make you an offer. You will find we offer below market value because we are able to eliminate the many inconveniences and other costs related to traditional real estate agent selling. Why use a routine type of property sales, that can take 6 months or more, when a simple phone call can provide an offer within 24 hours?

This transaction is completed quickly without hidden fees and the usual problems connected with property sales. It is hassle-free and you can close the sale at your convenience.

How It Works

If you have Connecticut property for sale:

• Give us a call at (860) 876-SOLD or fill out our website form at freedomhousebuyer.com/contact

• You will receive a phone call to discuss your situation

• Your information is run through our system

• You will receive a phone call offering a purchase price

• If accepted, papers will be signed and you will immediately receive cash

Many people have found our company to be the answer to a problem that sometimes seems overwhelming. This is particularly true in property sales. We look forward to discussing your situation with you.