Benefits of Selling Your Home For Cash in CT

There may be times when you need to sell your house quickly, especially if you need to move immediately. Going through the traditional home selling process can take months, even years if the real estate market is down in your area. Opting to receive a 100% fair offer on your home for an immediate payout can be a good choice if you need cash quickly, or just want to get rid of your house.

Fast Closing Process

Unlike regular real estate transactions, Freedom Property LLC can make the closing process as short as 5 days, giving you cash for your house within a week of you wanting to sell it. Traditional real estate transactions usually see a minimum of 60 days to close, not to mention the fact that your house could sit on the market a long time before that.

No Real Estate Commission

When you sell a house through a real estate agent, you will pay a standard 6% of the selling price for your agent’s commission right off the top. This does not even take into account the amount of money you will lose in closing costs, as well as repairs mandated by a buyer. All of these hidden costs can really eat into the amount of money you thought you were going to get out of your home’s final sale price, leaving you with substantially less money while you wait for months just to get the sale done.

We Buy All Types of Houses

You may be deciding to sell your house because it is not worth it for you to make necessary repairs or give it the treatment it needs to either make it attractive to buyers, or bring it up to your city’s building codes. An all cash, quick closing offer can result in you getting paid for your house, no matter what kind of condition it is in, within 7 days. Even if you do not live in state, we can have all the required documents delivered to you overnight in order to wrap the process up as quickly as possible.

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