Sell Your Inherited House in CT

Trusted Probate or Inherited Property Buyer in CT

Have you expectedly, or unexpectedly, inherited a house in CT? For many people, the thought of selling a home that has been in the family for years is very stressful and is an incredibly emotional thought to process. However, here at Freedom Property LLC, we fully understand that certain situations may result in your need to sell an inherited home and often times a need to do so quickly.  We also understand that dealing with the death of a loved one is difficult enough on its own; never mind adding to it the often time-consuming, emotional and financially stressful sale of the actual property. We can help ease that burden by simplifying the sale process and providing you with cash for your inherited home in Connecticut.

Reasons People Sell Inherited Homes in CT

After an inheriting a house, it’s normal to ask yourself “Now what?”.  With almost any inherited property, comes quite a few factors that must be considered. After you’ve assessed the situation, it’s OK to come to the decision to sell.  As an experienced home buyer, we find that many of our clients choose to sell their inherited property in CT for reasons like:

  • High Cost of Living
  • Extremely Costly Repairs
  • To Avoid Conflict & Disagreement Among Heirs
  • Different Aspirations
  • Emotional Reasons
  • Leftover Financial Obligations
  • Lack of Interest in Owning

Who is Freedom Property House Buyer in CT?

Freedom Property is a local Real Estate Investment Company in CT with over 10 years experience that specializes in solving complex real estate problems. We buy and sell residential and commercial properties in any condition and price range. The price we pay for property is below market value because of the convenience and ease of working with us. No more waiting 6 months or more to get your property sold! With a traditional sale, sellers deal with their property sitting on the market for months and months only to run into inspection issues at the 11th hour. Typically these can be deal killers and cost you the time and money that you may not have.

Why Choose Freedom as Your Home Buyer in CT?

We are the one the most Trusted Home Buyers in CT and Investors that buy property AS-IS without Any Repairs.  No matter the reason why you’re selling-  we will buy your property! We buy homes in any condition and price range. From brand new to abandoned, you name it…. we’ve bought it. Here are just a few reasons to choose Freedom Home Buyer in CT:

  • Hassle Free
  • As-Is Purchase At Fair Price
  • NO Hefty 6% Commission
  • NO Hidden Fees
  • Damaged property
  • Mold Damage
  • Fire Damage
  • Code violations
  • Abandoned properties
  • Save Money On Closing Costs
  • Receive A Call Within 24 Hours
  • Local Market Knowledge
  • Close in 7 Days OR When YOU Want


If you are looking for a Cash Home Buyer in CT that you can trust to assist you with the delicate situation of selling an inherited house, Contact Freedom Property Today.